Air compressor use hot and humid weather the note

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
To the rotor of the screw head rust season of the year, in order to avoid your screw machine production loss caused by water rust, use the matters needing attention as follows we must first clear why screw host water: 1. Used air conditioning's friends know, air conditioning has a root drains, normal open air conditioning can discharge 20 - in one evening 25 litres of water, the water is the water in the atmosphere condenses by the air conditioning compressor. 2. Screw machine at runtime, the compressed air also contains the condensed water from the atmosphere, in continuous operation of the machine, the oil temperature is gradually increased to 80 ℃, the condensed water in the oil begins to evaporate, water discharge to the storage tanks of compressed air. 3. Due to user selection or gas very hour, screw machine running low loading rate of serious, leading to screw the oil temperature reach above 80 ℃ for a long time, the oil getting old, emulsification, results in a rotor rust stuck in the host. Solution: 1. Appropriately extended air compressor discharge time, human will run oil temperature is up to more than 80 ℃. 2. Before and after air compressor machine, should fully understand the user gas. Check the customer's actual utilization situation, this is important! 3. In the case of gas use less organ of screw machine downtime regularly after 6 hours put in barrels of oil and gas condensate drain, until see oil outflow. ( How long does it take to discharge a) which shall be determined according to the screw machine using the environment 4. Gas use small users in particular, adjust heat 5. Put oil and gas flux of water inside, once a week water method: morning opened before starting the barrels of oil and gas oil drain valve to have a small amount of lubricating oil outflow, close the valve. That is about the use of air compressor under hot and humid weather note, for your reference.
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