Air compressor used in which industry?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor used in what areas, due to the air compressor is general machinery equipment, according to the different specifications and types used in different industries. The author analysis of communication with you today.

a, high pressure air compressor, generally in the 100 - pressure 500 kilograms of machine, these belong to special industries use products, generally in high pressure pipeline detection, military facilities, chemical industry, electric power and so on a wide range of applications. This kind of high pressure air compressor belong to the reciprocating air compressor piston movement.

2, medium pressure air compressor, exhaust pressure in 16 - work About 100 kilograms, such products belong to the ordinary medium pressure machine, the plastic bottle blowing, laser, chemical industry, machinery, agriculture and so on has been widely used. This kind of medium pressure air compressor, when the pressure of 16 - 25 kg between the specifications of the machine, there can be a series of piston and screw way way of large volume, high pressure gas supply. But when the pressure at the time of more than 30 kg, basic is the way through the piston reciprocating motion to implement

3, conventional air compressor, pressure in 7 - general work 13 kg, between this kind of screw air compressor use is quite common, the market share is very high, generally in machinery, chemical industry, textile, electronics, medicine and so on a large number of applications. A large number of equipment on the market in 7 - to the requirement of air supply The pressure between 13 kg. All of these specifications and product market demand is big.

4, low pressure air compressor, the general working pressure in 5 kg, this kind of screw air compressor, mainly used in jet spinning and weaving industry is in the majority, in mechanical, chemical fiber, electronics industry at the same time is also a large number of applications. Because the state advocates energy conservation and emissions reduction of demand for chemical fiber, glass and so on industry demand for 3 kg pressure, GeLinKeEr compressor developed special low pressure permanent magnet 3 kg pressure, frequency conversion air compressor to solve for low pressure screw air compressor to run enough oil, lubricating oil in equipment performance problems.

air compressor is a common industry equipment, but according to different industry technical requirements, choose the reasonable equipment is the most basic requirements, the product is the selection of reasonable energy saving, the only way to save money. Also choose reliable product performance, service suppliers. Xiamen GeLinKeEr energy-saving compressor is willing to provide you with pre-sales consulting, after-sales support services.

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