Alone to wars between screw air compressor equipment idle waste is serious

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
So in this case the necessity of the overall planning of the compressed air system for enterprises is becoming more and more attention, GeLinKeEr compressor in xiamen as one of screw air compressor industry pioneer, has been committed to the compressed air system as a whole field of energy saving, design plan for air compressor machine room as a whole has a wealth of practical experience. According to years of large air compressor machine room use data is summarized in the following several points for attention:

1, the machine housing volume and the actual demand volume matching

air compressor machine room whole gas production must meet the demand of all the equipment, should also consider the extreme or can guarantee gas demand, while the most unfavorable conditions when the design phase so will statistics all gas equipment, etc. It is concluded that the total number of times at the same time use coefficient according to, and the data are often greater than the actual use of gas, such as not to create waste according to the actual situation to carry on the design is inevitable.

2, air compressor machine room pressure setting

air compressor machine room to face all gas equipment requirements for pressure, so I usually pause at the highest pressure as a standard for air compressor. At the same time, according to the compressed air pipeline length and density of gas equipment and pressure drop of the influence of pressure increase 1 - must be considered 2 bar to ensure that the equipment use requirements. 1 bar and screw air compressor differential pressure brought about by the 8% of energy consumption, so consider for a long time use of energy costs, so the device using differential pressure for more than 3 bar, consider setting 2 pressure pipeline gas supply respectively.

3, air compressor machine room ventilation cooling

air compressor machine room in screw air compressor main equipment in use will produce large amounts of heat, this is because the screw air compressor characteristics, 80% of its energy into heat energy so air compressor machine room cooling ventilation to be specially designed. Heat energy equal to 80% of the screw air compressor power if so freely ventilated heat into the atmosphere is very regrettable, GeLinKeEr full of screw air compressor heat recovery unit, the air compressor machine room design phase for the overall planning, which can be for this part of the waste of energy to achieve perfect recycling.

the above three points is the most air compressor machine room design stage basically should consider, but different industry demand different location difference, even in the air compressor machine room has its own unique requirements, in this case will be tailored to meet their own needs for air compressor machine room, at this point you can seek advice GeLinKeEr 24 hours service hotline: China & other; 4009008509' 。

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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