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by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
The coming of the October, means that we are going to say goodbye to the summer heat, in a cool autumn day, October is also harvest time, blessing all GeLinKeEr friend's pay, in the coming days, to be able to get Zui good returns!

is the annual October GeLinKeEr annual tourism developing day! GeLinKeEr compressor was founded ten years, always adhere to the development of enterprise and staff grow with the track. Through different experiential learning training, bring more people to experience the meaning of each development project and the profound implication behind. And what kind of change can bring us, for our future in life, work, life could have better expectations.

on the afternoon of October 19, and our line of dozens of people to take buses to our destination thousand island lake in zhejiang province training base. Along the way everyone is the scenery along the way, the beauty the stimulation of high strength, and by the long distance, the heart is very tired. All along the way and sometimes to sparrows twittering, sometimes to the mountains that still can be taken. After the car mat mat halting, we arrived at our destination.

expand brother one day, the morning of expectations in the league building series of activities. A burst of laughter, we went to the back base. In fact, the game is trust relationship. When fall under the condition of the premise of fully trusted companions from 1. 5 m high back down. Actually this game is also tested our usual interpersonal relationship. The relationship between trust and be trusted. We usually tend to be a person or an event after injury, sets in the psychology deeply memorable imprint. In the later days it's hard to trust again.

in the expansion, for everyone to feel Zui deep grasp the bar project eight meters high. This project mainly test everyone's perseverance, targeted, and so on. In 8 meters high air. GeLinKeEr air compressor partners scrambling to climb. Everyone their own strength and perseverance. But a team could not everyone is so good, some people fear for high altitude heart arises spontaneously produce check out. Give you the experience of this project is never self-handicapping, any difficulties must challenge, focus on the goal, overcome fear, in everyone's encouragement, GeLinKeEr all partners through 8 meters high. Zui after graduation wall activity at the same time, also once again challenge team coordination ability of organization. All of them by 4 meters high wall, to complete the two days of promotional activities. In the power of the team, the team everyone all graduation wall smooth over 4 meters. To win the achievements and strength.

ended two days of team training, but for the team's spiritual power and wealth is a rich assets. We have concluded two days of training results, will have the rich experience of using in daily work and life. Wish GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor is getting better and better! Slogan: as people GeLinKeEr GeLinKeEr air compressor, energy conservation and endless! We firmly believe that GeLinKeEr air compressor of more brilliant tomorrow!

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