Because a chance, fell in love with GeLinKeEr energy-saving system

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Now this society, no matter what all can't depart from the support of economic benefits. Although the economy is not everything, but leave the economy did hard to succeed. Take purchasing air compressor, many users find buy air compressor is a big cost, but the light to see the price of air compressor is not very accurate, actually the consumption of air compressor subsequent some hidden costs including electricity, d premiums are not allow to ignore, such as the consumption of the subsequent cost together, often leading to several times the price of the air compressor itself. Use the longer, the amount of such costs will lead to greater.

our company is jiangsu nanjing local engaged in petroleum and chemical industry, at the beginning in 2014, in the purchase of a domestic brand air compressor, caused by the businessman promised the aircraft under different exhaust pressure can still keep stable gas production attracted by the words, bought a injection screw air compressor. But in the use of only after half a year's time, the unit often occur phenomenon of high temperature exhaust gas, and on-site consulting the brand manufacturer after phone, manufacturer promised free to after-sales and cannot be achieved at the site, need to pay a large sum of cost to complete. Had to pay several thousand yuan, found that the problem is still not solved, but this kind of phenomenon is more serious.

because I did not understand at first employee in the company working principle of air compressor, small bao GeLinKeEr compressor employees later discovered that the original brand air compressor manufacturers for the comparison of the company to replace the inferior oil, also makes the difference between the high price. After discovering the problem, the company's employees to GeLinKeEr air compressor company purchase the new oil. After changing the oil, the original exhaust temperature is no longer appear abnormal phenomena, at that time, wu, manager of the company think GeLinKeEr company has integrity, products must be trustworthy, then purchasing a set of DRC in January 2017 - 40 + DRD - 15 the MXF system. Use to now more than 1 year time, running in good condition.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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