Because do not timely maintenance of air compressor, waiting for his is the loss of the tens of thousands

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Summer will host a wave of heat, air compressor is faced with the challenge of high temperature. The first two months of xiamen jiading a client reflect the machine appear high temperature phenomenon, wait until after GeLinKeEr bao engineers in the past, has already found on the surface of the machine temperature up to 110 degrees. Bao engineer to the factory of the customer, if continue like this, the machine may appear the phenomenon of downtime. But for clean the cooler price sensitive customers, chose to refuse bao engineer's advice.

only a week away, GeLinKeEr side received from the same customer reflect, he said on the phone, machine unplanned downtime, although GeLinKeEr bao engineer immediately rushed to the scene, but the maintenance is also spent a long time. In this period of time, also contributed to the factory every day huge losses, the customer said that oneself very regret to a little money made unwise choice, is really picking up sesame seeds, watermelon is missing.

so, air compressor of moderate maintenance is very important. Regularly clean bearing, replace lubricating oil shall be, or have a lot of lubricating oil can choose, air compressor will often because some carbon deposition caused by high temperature oil, lubricating oil in this respect can be said to be the expert in the cleaning carbon oily be soiled, many listed companies at home and abroad to use the lubricating oil, the effect is very significant.

there don't understand the question, can call ou can best service hotline 400 - in the country 823 - 6800, there will be a professional air compressor after-sales solve puzzles for you.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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