Briefly describes the cause of the air compressor host periodic overhaul and necessity

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor host is the core part of the air compressor, in a state of high speed for a long time, because the service life of components and bearing has its corresponding, in its running at a certain time or after a fixed number of year must be preventive overhaul, concluded the main need for the following several major repair work:


air compressor host gap adjusting

1, the host of rotor radial clearance between Yin and Yang was big. The direct consequences of compressor is in the process of compression leakage, leakage of the back, was big, discharge the compressed air volume smaller machines. Is reflected in the efficiency compressor compression efficiency lower.

2, Yin and Yang after the rotor and end cover and bearing clearance has big, mainly affects the impermeability of the compressor and the compression efficiency, at the same time, the service life of the rotor of Yin and Yang can produce very big effect, to adjust the overhaul avoid rotor and rotor clearance casing scratches or abrasion.

3, host, between the screw, the screw and end face between before and after, screw and may appear strong friction between the host shell, the working state of the motor is in overload, would seriously endanger the security operation of the machine. If air compressor unit electrical protection device response insensitive or failure, may also lead to motor burn down.

wear processing

it is well known that as long as it is mechanical wear is found in the operation, under normal circumstances because of lubrication fluid lubrication, wear will reduce a lot, but at high speed for a long time, slowly had big wear is in. Screw air compressor generally use imported bearing, its service life are limiting around 3000 h. In terms of air compressor host, in addition to the bearing shaft seal still exist, gearbox of the place such as wear and tear. Such as mild wear not taking the right precautions, could easily lead to wear and tear was big, causes the damage of components. Clear host

air machine at internal components in high temperature and high pressure environment for a long time, coupled with the high speed operation, and the environment will have dust and impurities in the air, after these small solid material into the machine, along with the lubricating oil if carbon accumulate over a long period form larger solid block, is likely to lead to the host. The cost of

here refers to the cost of maintenance cost and power cost. Due to the time of air compressor machine Lord captain not overhaul operation, part wear was big, wear some impurities remain in the host cavity, will cause the lubricant life expectancy, at the same time, because of the impurities, the use of oil and gas and oil separator core filtration period time shorten, increase maintenance costs. In terms of electricity costs, once because of friction and compression efficiency is reduced, will inevitably cause the power cost was great. Also due to the reason of the air compressor host gas decrease, compressed air quality (indirect had big can also cause the cost of production.

comprehensive described: normal host major repair work is not only the basic requirements of equipment maintenance, are using there are serious security hidden danger. At the same time, can bring serious to produce direct and indirect economic losses. Host on time, therefore, the air compressor according to the standard overhaul is not only necessary, but is must. At present, to the state overhaul of connecting equipment to advocate, the above content is available for reference.
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