Buy air compressor machine to consider what factors?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Everyone in the purchase of air compressor to consider what factors? Then everyone to see, take buy GeLinKeEr air compressor is the price of the main consideration, purpose, comprehensive factors such as gas production and after-sales service.

1, import brands more expensive than domestic brands, but the domestic brand price is not bad, a lot of domestic brand quality is high, the price is cheap, so is the best item is most small and medium-sized enterprises, air compressor power is big, the price is more expensive.

2, oil-free air compressor chance more expensive than ordinary air compressor with power many, generally applied in the fields such as food, medicine, fine instrument, frequency conversion air compressor is more expensive than ordinary air compressor, because of high efficiency and more energy-saving advantages.

3, need to buy more powerful air compressor, see is the gas production rate, should not only can meet the normal production of the factory, and not wasteful. Special need to stress is that some industries to pressure is not high, only need to be 0. Within 5 mpa pressure, such as: textile, packaging, chemicals, metal products, etc. , and the general air compressor on the market of 0. 8 mpa, so will cause a lot of energy waste, then you can select the low pressure large displacement series of air compressor.

4, because the air compressor in high temperature and high pressure, high speed under the condition of running, so the machine maintenance is very important, so when the choice must choose normal manufacturer, to ensure that after all.

xiamen GeLinKeEr air compressor, compressed air system for free for all walks of life to provide a full range of solutions, the service life of the air compressor for more than 20 years, the host five years free maintenance, air pressure more stable and more energy-saving, meet the demand of various industries. GeLinKeEr air compressor, there are more than ten years experience of engineers to provide free air compressor system installation plan, let you more worry and rest assured that the high reliability of oil-free air compressor, a German CLASS without oil certification.
if necessary, welcome to contact GeLinKeEr consulting for details.
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