Buy different models of air compressor confidential notice what?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
No matter what, the choice is always very critical. In choosing a air compressor machine, it is equally important. Say everybody wants to buy a number of air compressor machine, but most people don't know how to find the suitable air compressor machine number right. Today to share a few on different models of air compressor machine need to pay attention to several factors, hope to help everyone's learning work. ( The following four sorts has successively)

( 1) The quality of the air compressor itself: the head is the key to the efficiency of the air compressor gas, efficient chosen the right the nose, everything is not trouble.

( 2) Degree of energy saving of the air compressor itself: for air compressor, in addition to the initial purchase cost, users also need to consider to the air compressor later something like power consumption level, at this point a lot of manufacturer of the salesman when promoting your product to the customer is very interesting, just focus on the air compressor and users speak now sells have much cheaper, before a lot of air compressor is not don't understand users also met this kind of situation, to buy back is a brand of homebred piston air compressor, use 1 year later found that the same brand of the permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor and the difference of the piston air compressor, 1 years of time, the brand of the permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor can back;

( 3) Air compressor after-sales service: there are a lot of businessmen in short selling pressure machine, before is left to the user's impression is the machine after selling, out of the question to find merchants have after-sales is hard to find. At this point I can in addition to the optimal and GeLinKeEr, other manufacturers also can't believe it.

( 4) Air compressor of the price: about the price of air compressor to consider to a lot of ways, on the one hand, the user in the just to buy air compressor machine upgrade fee, in general the majority of users care about is the price of this part, but using a period of time of air compressor users will know that the price of air compressor in addition to initially buy price, also including the long-term use of cost savings and run maintenance cost, at ordinary times and different manufacturers also nots allow to ignore to after-sales brand value, the user when trying to choose the categories shall be & other; Price & throughout; Summary in a piece of analysis.

even buy different models of air compressor, the user can as long as the key to these points, then there will not be a big mistake.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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