Buy laser cutting focus of form a complete set of air compressor, a few of you?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Laser industry is developing better industry in recent years, as well as supporting GeLinKeEr laser cutting period of air compressor is popular, but there are a few points, the user or to pay attention to when buying.

GeLinKeEr laser cutting matching air compressor

laser cutting supporting users of air compressor to buy more, but there are a few points and can't be ignored, as small make up for you the list, look have your attention. One is using the power of the laser machine is how much, how much need to match the air compressor, it is a lot of users don't know, but you can ask next laser machine supplier. What's in the second, cutting board, to cut more thick, it is about the form a complete set of air compressor to match how much pressure will affect the quality of the cutting board. Three is, form a complete set of laser cutting air compressor compressed the gas is has no oil or water? Four is the air compressor is a one-piece, or fission, the placement of this mainly considering the user space size. Five is that price, it is certainly each user attention, but one thing is wrong, you get what you pay for, buy looking for manufacturers.
to sum up, the user to buy laser cutting machine form a complete set of air compressor, basic can consider to these problems. Laser buy so the air compressor machine, the understanding first, budget, to find the suitable air compressor. If you want to know more details, please directly contact GeLinKeEr customer service:
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