Buy suitable spray air compressor, we will choose?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Many buy spray air compressor's understanding of the customer will have such mistakes have enough pressure air compressor will be appropriate, but in fact, air compressor is compressed air pressure can be adjusted to the appropriate value, and its existing problems, this pressure can continue to keep working. Then we can take a look at buying the right paint air compressor how are we going to choose?

spray air compressor

spray air compressor at work, spit out the paint is high temperature high pressure liquid and gas, there are still some safety problems. At this time we choose air compressor to run stable, little vibration, high efficiency, and is just the right screw, screw air compressor machine, or a variety of convenient way is to find the choice of insurance, reliable manufacturers, experienced engineers in selecting by manufacturer, then to choose according to your specific process. Some common problems, and spray paint industries after the paint is not smooth, this is because the oil in the compressed air, if you paint spraying process on such aspects of the demand is higher, the optional oil-free air compressor, can avoid such a situation. The above two kinds of air compressor is suitable for the application of large pneumatic tool condition, relatively stable, small single manufacturer application of pneumatic tools, can consider to the piston.

the characteristics of the air compressor according to the above, can choose appropriate delivery your paint roughly air compressor, then to GeLinKeEr such manufacturers, has 23 years of experience in the industry, more than 10 years of work experience of engineers, can provide you with suitable air compressor package, model choice of kinds, services to carry out the fast, can meet most customers' requirements. Hey spray air compressor demand can call GeLinKeEr manufacturers.
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