Centrifugal compressor lubricant selection need to pay attention to?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
To choose the appropriate lubricating oil for compressor is one of significant steps to ensure the normal running of the compressor. Need to choose different characteristics of different types of compressor oil, today we will learn about the centrifugal compressor in selecting lubricating oil need to pay attention to?

centrifugal compressor compact structure, less friction parts, with high speed, so generally choose smaller viscosity of lubricating oil. Centrifugal compressor working load is divided into two aspects of bearing under static load and dynamic, choice of the lubricating oil viscosity, the greater the carrying capacity of the bearing is stronger, but when the compressor is in a state of boundary lubrication, viscosity of lubricating effect is abate, where you need to select lubricating oil has better resistance to pressure.

compressor running environment is very important, the environment influence is big, the effect of the temperature of lubricating oil bearing work under low temperature when need to choose low viscosity, low solidifying point of lubricating oil, high temperature environment should choose the lubricating oil with high viscosity, lightning. In the case of large temperature changes should choose good viscosity-temperature properties, high viscosity index of lubricating oil.

GeLinKeEr compressor as the leading brand of the industry, and GeLinKeEr Suggestions to ensure the safety of the compressor in a stable state, also need to consider when the choice in lubricating oil bearing type of centrifugal compressor, speed, load size and technological environment, and so on.

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