Centrifugal compressor selection, users only look at this a few!

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Centrifugal compressor selection was conducted according to the needs of users, and the parameters are also determines the size of the size of the selection of the centrifugal compressor. GeLinKeEr small make up for the selection of centrifugal compressor users see of the time have those?

centrifugal compressor selection

said to the selection of the centrifugal compressor users concerned about that time, small make up according to the user is often asked to do a simple summary. One is the brand for brand and have more requirements are imported, but the price will be higher. Second, focus on quality of the product itself. The industry standard for quality standard is in accordance with the user, for the production quality is influential, etc. Product quality assurance period and so on various aspects will have attention. Three is, product demand, namely to compressed air quality quality, etc. Four is, service and maintenance related. Service in a timely manner, whether to have perfect service system, whether they have experienced team of engineers, etc. Four is price
related factors. Whether the manufacturer, if you can give preferential.
the above are all users often ask the question, and users in the selection of the centrifugal compressor, the affected factors. If you want to learn more related centrifuge for details, please contact ms:
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