Choose what kind of screw air compressor is energy saving save electricity?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
If you want to gas is small, less than 7. 5 kw or 1. 2 cubic metres of gas per minute, can choose vortex machine or small piston machine is more suitable and save money.

choose permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor and two stage compression screw air compressor can save electricity, but the choice of screw air compressor need to be decided according to their own gas, permanent magnet frequency can't screw air compressor with small machine use, to use, when the gas than the air compressor gas production can lead to permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor mechanical and electrical machine capacity overload cheer, even perhaps frequency rather than the ordinary screw machine power consumption. Selection to set aside a certain amount of free volume or increase tile case of gas.

two stage compression is also commonly known as the secondary compression, the average target pressure distribution on the rotor in the nose, with constant pressure ratios design pressure, so each set of compression ratio is smaller than the single stage compression, the nose suction gas at level 1, through the injection of condensation, makes more secondary air inhaled the nose, greatly reduced the nose suction air resistance, the secondary compression screw machine compared with the ordinary double screw air compressor can save about fifteen percent of the electricity. Large gas, the secondary compression is also a good choice.

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