Clearly with expensive storage tanks, why in less than two months back to the factory?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Zui nearly received a claims to be purchased the gasholder customer & other; Complaints & throughout; , oneself buy air tank, after just two months of the time, even the outside steel fracture, now a whole set of system can run normally, claim compensation must be in our factory. After-sales customer service on hearing this kind of situation, immediately contact the gasholder maintenance after-sales department manager.

butyl manager heard this kind of situation, bandwagon right now and we both need of the situation of the customer value, or 11 PM at the time, is still the measure in the home manager contacted engineers and engineers, yan two after-sales engineers said immediately after know the situation would like to set off for the customer is located.

it is understood that the customer is located in Beijing, according to after-sales department in the location there are thousands of distance, even so, after more than a dozen hours of turbulence, after-sales team travel-stained came to the scene. After a field environment investigation and in-depth analysis of the fault product after observation, our staff center to inform the customer, he purchased gasholder is inferior product. Because of quality goods storage tanks should have a white pressure vessel co. , LTD. , xiamen and product design drawings will indicate the xiamen pressure container co. , LTD. , and these have modified propane tanks. Inferior branded products are usually used is recycled steel cut corners. The customer after hearing two engineers after some time, this paper says about his spent a lot of money to buy a fake feel heartache, at the same time feel admiration for the engineers' professional service attitude.

after the misunderstanding untie, decision and the customer factory factory to conclude a contract for the purchase of a batch of stainless steel storage tanks. Is no discord, no concord, from the factory and the factory in Beijing also established a profound friendship.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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