Compressed air used in the pharmaceutical industry?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Compressed air used in the pharmaceutical industry?

in the field of pharmaceutical, oil free air is essential to the pharmaceutical and related products manufacturing. The reason is simple: air need high purity level, to ensure that doesn't contaminate the product. This, in turn, can prevent any circumstance of recall, or production downtime due to the reputation of the contaminated products to manufacturers long-term negative effects.

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oil-free compressed air is important for the following pharmaceutical application:

low tablets. From mixing, hardening and granulation to dry, pressing, coating and packaging Compressed air almost every step of the manufacturing process are in contact with the drug.

low leaven. Hair leaven tank by sterile air aeration. If the sterile air is pollution, cause pollution of the product will be.

instrument air, the whole manufacturing process of the tools used are provided by the compressed air fuel! Because the air from the tool in contact with the product, so it needs to be clean and oil-free.

bottling, canning and packaging. Pharmaceutical packaging can be a variety of ways, including the blister packaging, medicine bottles, lightweight plastic containers and cartons. According to different products, the compressed air can be used to clean and remove the moisture in the packaging. ( Please note: industrial vacuum pump to the packaging process is also very important. )

low drying, drying medicine to remove any type of solvent or water from the product. The process is usually completed by using a vacuum pump, vacuum pump helps evaporation liquid from a solid.

wastewater treatment, at the different stages of the application of using water, the water need (before use And after) Processing in order to prevent the pollution. Blower is processing wastewater of optimal choice.
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