Concentration is the essence, the compressor can also like to play

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Automotive technology is a modern technology advancing with The Times. Nowadays, with the car in the household gradually popularization, in-car technology is becoming more and more widely applied. Adopt the technology, we can easily map the phone picture to auto control panel. Of course our GeLinKeEr for its own initiative as well as the environment of competition pressure, also firmly follow the pace of The Times. Today is for everybody to introducing GeLinKeEr on-board oil-free scroll air compressor.

when one day, you notice once more bulky compressor, has to look brand-new dexterity of image appeared in front of you, you couldn't help surprised: modern compressor industry technology has evolved to the point of such a fine? My answer is yes. Leap of science and technology progress can use a cliche but it is difficult to obsolete word to describe: it is changing. Now, it is worth GeLinKeEr proud thing, that is our car oil-free scroll compressor is widely used in electric buses, electric logistics vehicles, electric bus, and various kinds of emu.

concentration is essence, in the car without oil vortex air compressor was down to confirm this. At first, people don't think of them, that light is small and portable, it is difficult to achieve performance guarantee, let alone the security and stability. In a piece of doubts, GeLinKeEr grasped the nettle and the first step to in major cities across the country to promote their own vehicle air compressor series.

GeLinKeEr chose in xiamen, Beijing and other cities starting their own vehicle air compressor. In a certain batch of vehicle air compressor series launched in the market and widely after the familiar for people, machine internal turbine mute effect, when driving at night very quiet using the environment to the customers left a deep impression. This time, people begin to change the previous stereotypes.

is not only a small it's quiet, as a new car series also inherited GeLinKeEr predecessors, as always, excellent energy consumption control. Our product adopts the multistage energy efficiency control, on the one hand, is in order to meet the need of energy saving, on the other hand, to avoid invalid operation energy consumption caused by the heat. Here have to thank science and technology, thanks to GeLinKeEr, thanks to them, much people travel and convenient.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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