Considering the purchase of xiamen oil-free scroll air compressor, can refer to the applicable industry!

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor used in all walks of life, in most people, mostly injection screw air compressor, even with several oil filter, or with a micro oil in the air. And the medical treatment industry has a high demand on the air quality, also want to use to air compressor, such as xiamen oil-free scroll air compressor, and it can frequently appear in these industries?

xiamen oil-free scroll air compressor

it is because of xiamen compression of oil-free scroll air compressor, air quality can reach the requirement of the medical treatment industry, in addition to the medical treatment industry, food industry, precision electronics, spraying and other industries, are used to oil-free scroll air compressor, and some to noise places will also be sure to use the oil-free scroll compressor, its advantages over oil free and quiet, is to meet the requirements of application in hospital such occasions. Compared to other mute oil free compressor it relatively prominent, ensure the air is not oily, small volume, covers an area of small, if the large displacement, oil free vortex is difficult to satisfy.

so xiamen oil-free scroll air compressor frequent these industries have a mute, without oil. GeLinKeEr manufacturer of oil-free scroll compressor is Japan iwata oil free vortex head, high configuration of air quality guaranteed, with mature experience engineers suitable air compressor for you, have to buy oil free compressor can contact GeLinKeEr, type is rich, can meet your different needs. If you want to know more, please contact:
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