Contradictions in the operation of the air compressor in a ring

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Had finished basic introduction to choose high quality before 'a/an oil' and the need for regular maintenance, but as I previously mentioned, even if the user doesn't know, also won't go to deny the need for maintenance, also won't say high-quality components is useless. Pure is the user a trade-off for the cost control and choice. And above is only from the perspective of energy efficiency to control cost should not delay or no maintenance. But in the operation of the air compressor has a more contradictions, that is - — Operating temperature. Today we are going to come to explore the influence of operating temperature of the machine running. Air compressor of the user, the manufacturer, it is clear to know the fact that the temperature is too high to cause a decline in displacement, displacement decreased and the unit power does not change means reducing comprehensive energy efficiency. But how many people had to explore why the temperature reduce to cause a decline in displacement? And how many people know whether completely pursue low exhaust temperature is a wise choice? In general, the theoretical calculation of the overall displacement compressor in many cases are refer to the ideal gas equation, if according to the ideal gas equation, the temperature rise, if the pressure is constant, the volume of a gas should also increases accordingly, why displacement becomes instead? It is considering the density of the gas, all of the screw compressor displacement is actually talking about the air inlet side into the air, in other words refers to the air inflow of air compressor, and temperature can make air density is reduced, so that the air inlet end can take in less volume, inspiratory less quantity will reduce the exhaust air compressor. Reducing power than machine, the machine efficiency at the same time also reduce. Besides high air compressor suction temperature can also lead to a series of problems; Increasing loading of oil cooler, carbon degradation appear lubricating oil, the plugging of oil filter and so on. However, the suction temperature is lower, the better? Actually inhaling low temperature also can appear a series of problems: suction temperature is too low, and the cooling fan has been running, the final product of compressed air dew point temperature will become low, compressed air will precipitation of condensate in the oil cooler, oil emulsification, affect the lubrication effect. As a result, many air compressor manufacturing factory will set the startup and shutdown temperature cooling fan, this is to ensure that outlet temperature is not lower than the dew point temperature under stress. Above is about some related to the temperature in the operation of the air compressor principle and the matters needing attention, for your reference.
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