Daily maintenance of screw air compressor have?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Daily maintenance of screw air compressor have? Then GeLinKeEr by after sales engineer with 16 years experience to explain for you!

screw air compressor

check level condensing agent, adding in time; Change

condensing agent;
clean or replace the air filter;

after cleaning condenser;

clean oil condenser;
cleaning water separator;

replace oil filter;

change the fine oil separator;

check the hose and all the pipe joint leakage situation, found that funnelled to eliminate;

the belt elasticity;

check and tighten all wires is;

check the ac contactor contactor;

clean motor tuyere surface absorption and dust on the surface of the shell;

main motor filling grease;

clean main motor and fan motor.

that's daily GeLinKeEr engineer will screw air compressor maintenance matters, such as have not understand can contact us directly after sales engineer.
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