Do you know about 10% of the volume of oil free air compressor and spray oil air compressor GA?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
10% oil free compressor of air inflow:

in the first place, without oil machine into gas can be adjust by nut, under unloading condition, the clockwise rotation, middle pressure ( intercool压力) Will become smaller; The counterclockwise, middle pressure will be bigger. Intermediate pressure adjustment is too high, can lead to equipment power consumption is larger, inside the box plate heat increase ( Accelerate the silencing cotton degradation) 。 The intermediate pressure adjustment is too small, will accelerate the bearing wear. The exact location of the nut.

by adjusting the by-pass nut to control the pressure value in - in the middle 0. 65 bar to - 0. Between 7 bar, if the pressure value is greater than - 0. More than 65, can cause air compressor cannot boot normally, may be in the middle there is a leak. If the leakage is larger, the air compressor under unloading condition, level of outlet temperature will continue to rise, even high temperature jump machine. But the size of the middle pressure, smaller influence on oil free frequency changer.

10% GA injection air compressor of air inflow:

injection screw machine unloading state, by 10%, the basis of the volume to maintain the loop pressure inside the cylinder form the basis for about 2 bar pressure. Why do you want to maintain the 10% of the volume? Why don't you can be 20% or 5% of the volume, next, let's discuss this puzzling 10% into the air.

description: the motor start, 10% air through one-way valve into the screw inside the cylinder based around 2 bar pressure, through the vent valve, check valve, air control in loading at the bottom of the piston, push the piston up close the inlet valve, make the unit load. Load to unload, the pressure in the cylinder through the vent valve holes into the air filter to release pressure. Is 10%, more than 10% of unnecessary energy consumption, less than 10% can't form based pressure control valve open class. Here at the heart of the valve is the vent valve, 10% of the fuel injection machine into gas cannot adjust to change, but just as important.

this is GeLinKeEr for 10% of the volume of oil free air compressor and spray air compressor GA sharing, how much you know?

the article source: GeLinKeEr air compressor
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