Do you know the role of air compressor oil filter and the extended use of what is the harm?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Perhaps the main parts of the screw air compressor oil filter ( Also known as oil) , a good filter can timely remove impurities in air compressor oil, to ensure that the air compressor can be normal use. Air compressor oil filter is a device used to filter the oil, it is a kind of wearing parts.

the role of air compressor oil filter: filter the air compressor lubricating oil in metal particles, impurities, etc. , to ensure the oil circulation system is clean, protect the host security operation.

air compressor oil filter material: filter paper

the life of the air compressor oil filter: for 1500 ~ 2000 hours, usually can be adjusted according to the environmental conditions. Oil filter clogging alarm set value is commonly
1. 0 - 1. 4bar。

the dangers of screw air compressor oil filters are used:

1, the oil return amount is insufficient, lead to exhaust temperature is too high, shorten the service life of oil and oil content of the core; Lead to host lubrication, serious shorten host life;

2, filter after damage, at the end of the filtered oil with large amounts of metal particles impurities into the host, lead to serious damage to the host.

in the screw screw air compressor should be check ok before starting the corresponding project, still must according to the steps of the boot to, so as to ensure normal screw air compressor to run, and not failure, even if there are faults can also be found early.

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