Dunhuang GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor one silk road development

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor was established in 2008, is a energy-saving screw air compressor manufacturers and service providers.

with the development of the economic prosperity of the country rich and strong, powerful, and originated in the ancient trade route was archaeological dig and recognition. In 2013, a visit by a Chinese President xi jinping in kazakhstan, in a zardari nazarbayev university speech pointed out that the development of the silk road economic belt concept for the first time. Silk road economic belt, which is based on the concept of the ancient silk road formed a new economic development zone. Including the five northwestern provinces of shaanxi, gansu, qinghai, ningxia, xinjiang.

are incorporated in the silk road of the development of the country, more and more. Gansu dunhuang region is the core area of the silk road, the country in 1992 in the morning to put this into the core region of national cultural relics protection. Now more and more domestic agencies and organizations to go at the beginning of the silk road.

GeLinKeEr company very response national policy, the silk road in the enterprise internal to instill the history of national development concept. Representative part of the company executives and employees, from the silk road, experience at the beginning of prosperous economy and trade development at the beginning of. We start from dunhuang city, the bus came to dunhuang city lian state xining fort town village, the ancient silk road along the south stream, to express doors, along the east and west. Length of about 7000 meters and 3 meters wide. Is the cross section of ancient waterways and by land.

brother a day we set off along the ancient silk road, everybody wind rain all the way up, laughing. Although it is not a long journey, but due to the uneven pavement, travel is very difficult. After four hours of travel, with everyone's looking forward to, our main forces to express doors stone rendezvous. The successful completion of the younger brother a day of travel.

in the follow-up development, we will continue to challenge the team. Team GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor is a love learning, love challenges and breakthroughs, adventurous team. The same driver to product the same dedication, believe that through the outreach activities, can quickly improve team cohesion and execution. For all users provide Zui high cost performance products.

if everyone on the energy saving air compressor GeLinKeEr still don't understand the situation, or in what occasion where use, the scope of the customer and so on, can at any time consulting us. To dunhuang to expand common interest friends, welcome to contact us. This article if you have any technical requirements or have different argument, welcome everyone to visit GeLinKeEr website. Let's talk together to learn and grow together.

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