Elder brother is technology, not accessories - — Service and maintenance personnel's heart!

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Elder brother to provide technical, elder brother is not sell accessories. The other day and some domestic professional service communication, the maintenance engineer of screw air compressor service maintenance personnel in the market, the bottleneck of faint and voice communication.

we, ill go to a hospital looking for doctors. Instead of looking for a pharmacy sales staff to see the doctor. It is same, the doctor to provide technical service, and pharmacy sales products. The doctor provide intangible products, pharmacy to provide physical products. Both products. Recently, with GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor service manager bao manager chat of time, to know that some customers air compressor failure for the nasty couldn't immediately appear on the scene, when you arrive at the scene after failure to solve the problem, provide the replacement parts. Head of certain companies or purchasing began a a calculate, how much money how much is this air filter, the oil content, the somebody else inlet valve on taobao priced hundreds of pieces, etc. Simply ignore our service personnel of technology capacity and technology products. These people don't see in this process is the core of the technical personnel the ability to solve the problem. If must be in accordance with the one by one, so when you machine problems after failure simply let taobao to help solve the problem.

all take the cost of raw materials to talk to you about the behavior of the product price is not play rascal!

here, we have to talk about Europe and the United States developed a tip culture of the company. Whatever I today is the cab driver, meals, hotel and so on, I provide service for you today, or did you enjoy my services, will have to pay the corresponding tips, the society as a whole, the whole nation, the whole environment is recognized. And it is also a must to provide services to others, a kind of recognition.

along with our country the improvement of the environment, provide technical service to give reward to others with become a kind of social culture, a kind of recognition. To gain access to services and others the value of the products is the same, is need to pay the remuneration. As the main maintenance personnel, air compressor industry service for customers with the ability to solve the problem and provide the value of the product fittings with recognized by customers.

technical ability, service and so on are intangible products, accessories, machines are tangible products. As long as it is product, has the value orientation. Has to be social acceptance. Energy saving air compressor GeLinKeEr - - - - - - - - Your choice of the eternal.

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