Europe can no oil lubrication compressor energy-saving effect what used people all say so

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Now, many people are complaining about, Zui society is not just house prices in recent years, even price is soaring, buy vegetables all quick can't afford it. Raw material has the price of air compressor market, but compared with a decade ago air compressor that just came out, today's prices are more transparent, the manufacturer's profit also narrow basic is very limited.

the plane to air compressor industry faces the challenge of Internet, the whole air compressor industry is relatively good. After all, a wide variety of industries are now applied to air compressor. So, in this round of price boom, how to choose our air compressor?

I am the purchasing manager of a listed company, is engaged in the industry have a fast 20 years. Ten years ago, we can purchase the carbon steel storage tanks + the best oil free air compressor, this combination has been used by now. For security reasons, the leadership of the company chose a replacement. But this time we can chose the optimal oil-free lubricating oil air compressor + energy-saving combination of stainless steel storage tanks, since there is no spring, this combination is convenient in their own can also be simple diy maintenance, after our company side after 3 months of field test, a set of system of compressed air is very pure, not with any pure substance.

company specially here after a year did an energy-saving test, through the comparison, and before the combination effect of the energy saving system could save nearly 60%, it seems that the benefits of new products or new product, we will update later, for the first time or can consider the best team. 400 - 823 - 6800 the phone number as I already familiar with the company procurement, we need anything in terms of air compressor in the future can find the optimal team

the article source: GeLinKeEr air compressor
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