Exhaust pressure too low

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Under normal circumstances, the air compressor in service can be ruled out because of the low altitude high exhaust pressure caused by the change, but cannot ignore the situation of the gas increases. If the compressed air line there are no big leakage point, that is the compressor itself. We can check whether there is a problem from the following several aspects: 1. Whether maintenance and compressor displacement of time and space to drop, first to see whether the machine has to maintain? Most of the time, flow down, there is no big problem, is the customer of neglect. If the work environment is not very ideal, compressor air filter is easy to jam. Light person can use compressed gas dust removal; Congestion is serious, need to change the new air filter. 2. Inlet valve is opened entirely air compressor exhaust rate drop, inspection units, such as just to maintain, and eliminate a/oil problem, then first check the compressor inlet valve. Remove the air intake hose, open compressor, watch the inlet valve is normal. The service life of the general theory of intake valve design is 100000 times, because every factory use brand batch is different, quality is different, so the inlet valve malfunction may be willing to lower the unit displacement. If load compressor inlet valve cannot be opened entirely, can be concluded that falling displacement inlet valve failure, should remove the repair or replacement. 3. Motor failure due to local short circuit in the motor coil, or bearing wear, the motor shaft wear and tear, lead to motor speed is lower than the rated speed, the air compressor exhaust rate drop, should repair the motor coil, bearings, etc. , after repair test of flow. With the principle of belt drive is closer to the compressor, should consider to the belt load and in good condition, sometimes caused by belt skid or relaxation host speed is not enough, lead to the low exhaust pressure. 4. Pressure switch setting work pressure is too low, should be maximum pressure to rise. This situation is common in working condition is changed, after adjusting, overhaul or system, dynamic system parameters, or in general, working pressure will not easily be wrong operation after setting up. Compressor parameters set by the user is not recommended to set, but should be combined equipment suppliers together with the user, incorporating the condition and characteristics of equipment operation, set a reasonable value. That is about air compressor exhaust pressure too low response, for your reference.
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