Fire buffer tank design use fixed number of year

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Buffer tank is also referred to as pressure vessel, and the range of pressure vessel using will be more broad. Such as factories, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, medicine, electronics, environmental protection and other industries, the temperature also does not limit, if the north cold region ( Such as xinjiang, Harbin, Beijing, China) Are used, in areas such as the cold region is not installed in the outdoor, fire buffer tank generally use and fire industry, basic it is diaphragm pressure tank is more,, but the buffer tank is divided into two kinds: one kind is diaphragm type buffer tank, another is the airbag buffer tank, both for the central air conditioning system of water supply equipment and more.

but the diaphragm pressure tank manufacturing process if processing is bad, will leave a small hole, the gas will follow a small hole will be flat, airbag buffer tank and craft will be safer, jar inside have a whole bag, within the workers use water into the air only, do not contact with the jar inside, this will greatly reduce corrosion effect, increase the service life of the pot, but the service life of the no specific provisions, not like air cushion tank have pledges inspect bureau to show it is recommended to use and so on.

because there is no use fire can of customers by the pressure of air tank, so the understanding is not very accurate, use the customer or the know in order to customize.

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