Food choice xiamen dry oil-free screw compressor of the reason is?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Wide use of air compressor and the rigorous industry also appeared the figure of air compressor, such as the food industry, medical, winery, electronic industry, etc. , but these industries demanding for air compressor, including dry oil-free screw compressor applications. Let's take a look at the food industry to choose xiamen dry oil-free screw air compressor what is the reason?

dry oil-free screw compressor

the food industry of air compressor noise and vibration on request, as small as possible, the output of compressed air to ensure the purity is high, it is important to air content is oil free, value is nothing is complete, clean and health. Food production process and the direct contact of compressed air, oil, compressed air purity is not high, brings to the manufacturer is rejection rate rise, commodity called the huge losses. Xiamen dry oil-free screw compressor is one hundred percent oil free, in addition to the main operation need lubricating oil, the process of compressed air is not in contact with the oil, use of lubricating oil part adopts stainless steel gas seal do contact without oil, improve your production process.

GeLinKeEr xiamen dry oil-free screw compressor is a German TUV CLASS 0 oil free certification, this is one of the reasons for the food industry be assured choice GeLinKeEr brand, in terms of quality, technology is guaranteed, the service on GeLinKeEr experienced engineers will customize suitable solution for you. To learn more about air compressor, can call GeLinKeEr consulting for details.
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