Food oil free compressor matching are included?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
As people living standard rise, demand for food and clothing live line in the improved, especially in the area of food. And the food oil free air compressor in which also is a major concern. GeLinKeEr small make up is to explain the user often ask questions - — Food oil free compressor matching are included?

food oil free compressor matching

we are often asked the user is actually 'food oil free compressor matching are included? ', a lot of people to form a complete set of air compressor is don't understand. Really want to say to the basic equipped with air compressor are consists of air compressor, storage tanks, filters, person, this is the basic, but for the food industry will have a little different, because of food production and processing, to the requirement of compressed air is relatively high, so usually with several filters, then for propane tanks also have requirement of stainless steel, sometimes with blot machine, even install the stainless steel pipe, all of these are according to the working condition of customer's demand.
different compressed air quality requirements, the configuration is different.
in conclusion, food oil free compressor is primarily a free press, person, storage tanks, filters, blot machine. Different requirements for different configuration. If you want to know more details without oil machine contact:
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