Form a complete set of air compressor gas-holder should pay attention to what matters

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Form a complete set of air compressor gasholder gas use to determine the main according to the system. So supporting air tank, should notice what item, together with xiamen GeLinKeEr below small make up take a look at it:

on the one hand, the voltage regulator. Air tank reserve a certain amount of compressed gas, has effective supplement to the system fluctuations, starting voltage stabilizing role; Not only that, when all of a sudden stop all of a sudden power failure or air compressor, air tank of gas and to ensure the normal order of downtime for the production equipment, reduce bad product.

two aspects, heat dissipation. Air compressor matching gasholder large surface area and metal manufacturing, high temperature gases in the air compressor production button by conduction, radiation two ways have effect heat dissipation, reduce the temperature.

air supporting gasholder

three aspects, in addition to water oil removal. Compressed gas into the air compressor supporting storage tanks, water vapor in the air to condense into droplets due to lower temperature, and space suddenly zeng, big volume, air flow rate is reduced, the proportion of big oil, water droplets are sinking to the bottom of the tank by gravity; At the same time, the air tank for spiral movement of the gas constant impact tank inside the metal surface, surface of oil, water droplets adhere to the air tank and be separated. The separated oil and water impurities by tank at the bottom of the drain valve discharge.

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