Frequency conversion air compressor is a good GeLinKeEr of permanent magnet

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor is a kind of energy-consuming equipment, accounting for more than thirty percent of the total energy consumption of some industries. But still they are widely used in machinery, metallurgy, building materials, electric power, chemical, food, textile, and many other industrial fields. Now advocate of saving energy, GeLinKeEr permanent-magnet frequency conversion air compressor is referred to as the choice of many enterprises, it is a kind of energy conservation and effective cleansing of air compressor, can save twenty percent to the customer The cost of 40.

the GeLinKeEr permanent-magnet frequency conversion air compressor and air compressor before what's the difference? Why is it so popular? The next champions league front is to introduce the difference between the two.

a stable, permanent magnetic frequency conversion air compressor exhaust pressure

due to the frequency conversion screw air compressor using stepless speed regulation characteristic of the frequency converter, can be adjusted. With the operation of the power frequency compared to upper limit and lower limit switch control, the stability of the exhaust pressure is higher.

2, permanent magnet no impact on the frequency conversion air compressor starting

because the inverter itself has soft starting function, compared with the power frequency starting current, little impact starting.

3, variable flow control of permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor

driven air compressor power frequency can only work on a set of displacement, frequency conversion air compressor's work from a wide range of

4, permanent magnet ac power voltage frequency conversion air compressor has good adaptability

because of frequency converter used modulation technique when ac power voltage slightly low, can still be enough to drive the motor torque output, when the voltage is a bit high, motor output voltage is not high. According to motor VF ( Frequency conversion air compressor in the condition of energy conservation work under rated voltage) Characteristics of low voltage power grid field effect is obvious.

5, permanent magnet low noise frequency conversion energy-saving air compressor

most of the work condition is lower than the rated speed frequency conversion system, reduces the mechanical noise of main engine and wear, prolong the maintenance and service life. If the fan is driven by frequency conversion, can significantly reduce the noise when air compressor works.

that is GeLinKeEr permanent advantage of frequency conversion air compressor, more details can be consulting GeLinKeEr customer service:, web site:
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