Gas-holder diversity which is suitable for you

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air tank is a kind of specially used to store gas equipment, in the modern society will use to in many industries and industry. Throughout the gasholder products market, can be found that the types of this product is very diverse, which is in order to meet people's different needs.

a, wet air tank

this is a very important type of storage tank, this type of product is one of the biggest feature is in the bottom of the product have a sink, water tank can be made by steel plate, when can also be made of concrete. The tank type can be built in the ground.

2, dry gasholder

this type of products of the type of tank is made of all steel plate welded together, is a vertical cylinder, products within a piston, the piston under the gas can be stored. Piston position is with the size of the internal storage tank volume change and constantly changing.

3, high pressure air tank

the gasholder is presented a kind of cylindrical or spherical, the steel consumption of spherical tanks, stress is very uniform, but at the time of installation and processing are relatively complicated.

the above this several types of gas storage is one of the most main several types, from the details for the above each type of products can also be divided into many small classes, also said it was with so that the types of gas storage is very diverse.

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