GeLinKeEr air compressor after-sales service process?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
The company is engaged in the auto service industry, is now using DRC - A machine 60, produced in GeLinKeEr compressor co. , LTD. , xiamen technology originated from Germany, our company car GeLinKeEr air compressor industry gas support special custom that is we choose GeLinKeEr air compressor, one of the important reasons. In addition to this, and it is a key reason GeLinKeEr company itself to the user after-sales service commitment is very good. The company has experienced GeLinKeEr process a set of after-sales service.

in January 2018, the company of the DRC - 60 WeChat means by which a machine contacted the GeLinKeEr for regular maintenance. GeLinKeEr except 400 telephone companies, and dedicated public, name is & other; GeLinKeEr compressor & throughout; , customer service is confirmed on WeChat later, two hours later, GeLinKeEr compressor is located in xiamen local service personnel to do maintenance. Because itself headquarters in xiamen, so the after-sales service speed is fast. If it is within the scope of domestic GeLinKeEr company support after-sales network, also can achieve no more than eight hours.

in addition, all year, GeLinKeEr air compressor is free for maintenance staff, only have to pay for some parts. More than a year, only need to charge maintenance personnel of the artificial foundation, and after each time to do maintenance, GeLinKeEr air compressor after-sales engineers will be on the basis of the initiative to suggest improvements to the user, and have professional after-sales personnel contact the companies do after-sales survey, if you have not satisfied, GeLinKeEr side can understand and confirm whether this is true, to arrange the door again.

now this society, after-sales support enterprise is one of the great power, and help enterprises and users to build trust important channel of the bridge. In 2018, the company choose trust GeLinKeEr!

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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