GeLinKeEr air compressor head cleaning method in winter

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
With the use of air compressor the captain time, the surface is hard to avoid can appear a series of various parts of the rust stains, especially as a set of system is the core of the nose, large carbon rust stains covering for a long period of time, will bring the machine itself larger burden, moreover system of high temperature problem, so for the factory sources of equipment management, master the effective regular parts cleaning method is the key to solve machine hidden danger fast. Himself as a profession is engaged in air compressor maintenance of relevant personnel, have been GeLinKeEr air compressor factory spent nearly 10 years, today is my most familiar GeLinKeEr DRC series, the permanent magnet is adopted energy-saving air compressor of frequency conversion technology, to explain the series for you head cleaning method, this approach other brands are the same, it can be used as a simple reference.

at present is in the winter, you need to pay attention to: ( 1) Open the machine first, and keep running for a period of time ( Don't do anything and then open the machine, in order to make sure the temperature of the machine itself can rise to normal) ; ( 2) Such as pressure relief, and then open the opening of the lubricating oil, add quantitative GeLinKeEr brand of detergent, clean; ( 3) Machine preheating any period of time, then pour lubricating oil, clean.

now is winter, air compressor head cleaning frequency can be relatively reduced, but when it comes to cleaning, each time still need quantitative cleaning. In summer begin to increase cleaning frequency, anyhow is head cleaning on a regular basis to ensure the machine keep long-term high-quality experience, so the above cleaning use we need to keep in mind, especially as an equipment management personnel for more need to memorize the knowledge.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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