GeLinKeEr air compressor long-distance transportation requirements

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor is a kind of universal product, widely used in all walks of life, the iron and steel, electronics, chemical industry, food, machinery, spraying, and so on all kinds of products, due to its wide applicability, produce the long-distance transportation problem. Each air compressor from the factory after the assembly, testing, packaging, long-distance transportation to reach the customer's factory. Many parts of the country road potholes, if air compressor is bad it is easy to cause the damage of the machine. So what's the special requirements of the machine transport, we visited the other day Germany GeLinKeEr air compressor group company logistics transportation department Mr Yan, long-distance transportation matters needing attention of the air compressor.

a, assemble the configuration of the

air compressor in the assembly stage, because we will between the motor and the base, using elastic damping pad between the host and the base is fixed, so is likely to be in the long-distance transportation road potholes, leading to damage of fixed elastic damping pad. We are equipped with fixed clamp (before they go out Red) In front of the boot debugging need to dismantle, this card straps.

2, packing

GeLinKeEr screw air compressor factory is located in xiamen, the customers of the jiangsu region, we adopt the way of fixed tray and wrap film packaging transportation, air compressor, but for the journey of more than 200 kilometers of the customer, considering the transport loss probability, we are using wooden case packing. This will prevent the transport pressure caused by the bad, and so on artificially controlled.

3, the mode of transportation,

GeLinKeEr domestic business at present is to entrust a third party has long-distance transportation ability and qualification of the enterprise bear the transport business. We choose the 2 - at the same time 3 strong companies in competition with each other. All of our machines are door to door service, eliminates the region remote customers door-to-door delivery problems.

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