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by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
As a leader in the production department, maybe ten years ago to ask you what is screw air compressor? You can answer, but now ask, so you must to reply inflow, because air compressor as industrial enterprises must be one of the three elements of water, electricity, gas, what is the enterprise production have to some equipment, as a company after-sales personnel, maybe ten years ago asking how you screw air compressor maintenance and maintenance?

to this question, you can answer is not clear, but now you must master the daily screw air compressor maintenance knowledge, we must be able to deal with the air compressor to the common faults and maintenance. I am xiamen GeLinKeEr compressor a after-sales staff, here introduce oil change simple steps, general 2000 hours after the running of the air compressor, air compressor is called for to change the lubricating oil. Don't call lubricating oil over the service life of the product, or the quality of the oil will fall, it will cause high temperature, high temperature after the machine is easy to trip, also because the oil's flash point drop, also easy to happen due to oil combustion and make air compressor burned accident.

1, ready to need to replace the lubricating oil and screw air compressor/( Oil filter, air filter, and oil content) ;

2, will air compressor to run after a period of time, for example, the temperature reaches ( 70 - 90 degrees) Emissions after lubricating oil is relatively easy to clean;

3, shut down, for oil and gas separation, all the pressure inside the barrel after it finished, close the air compressor air outlet, play slowly open oil screw;

4, and the oil barrels, oil cooler, oil filter in emissions clean;

5, replace air filter, oil filter, oil core.

6, add lubricating oil inside the barrel of oil and gas, scrap iron at the bottom of barrels of oil and gas, impurities, please clean out;

7, close the drain bolt, filling lubricating oil until the oil level line line;

8, closed gas bolt, boot operation, observe the lubricating oil is there in place.

I hope this brief introduction can help to you, if you need please contact with the professional technology and service in xiamen GeLinKeEr compressor co. , LTD. , cost-effective, quality assured!

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