GeLinKeEr air compressor on the nameplate parameters have?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor is one of the modern industrial production of the main gas source power. With the rapid expansion of market scale air compressor industry has occupied a large part of the market. And different kinds of air compressor brand that when choosing to buy air compressor should also be careful consideration, do more investigation, after all, this is key equipment, and the price is not cheap. At present there is a call GeLinKeEr brand of air compressor is good, in the market caused a lot of reverse, then its machine nameplate above have what parameters, simple below we know.

general air compressor, the make and model of the free press on the nameplate power, air displacement, exhaust pressure, weight, size, production date, etc. GeLinKeEr air compressor of the nameplate is above these parameters mentioned above, but in addition to these parameters. And the voltage, frequency, factory number, input power, manufacturer, sales and service hotline, production address of manufacturer, production license no. , etc. Actually each parameter has its role, not to say that literally write in the above, like a factory number, this is a very important parameter. If your air compressor in the process of using malfunctioned, or run for a long time need maintenance, contact manufacturer to repair or maintenance, is the need to provide the factory number for factory, because the factory number is a d a, like a person's id card, a single machine, no repetitive, only provides the factory number, manufacturer will know the corresponding parts, and they know the size of the machine.

if you don't know the number, at the time of check the corresponding accessories, you need to took the machine apart, one by one to its size, shape and so on, is very trouble to repair. Service hotline is also very important, if there is a need to manufacturers to guide or contact the manufacturer, this call can directly. Production license number is also a part of the more important, without it, there is no way to prove whether this air compressor machine have a production license, if it is branded, there was no way to ensure the quality.

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