GeLinKeEr air compressor performance?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
In today's market various variety types in a variety of air compressor, GeLinKeEr air compressor is the product of favor more boss; In recent years, especially, GeLinKeEr air compressor's market share is more and more big, the GeLinKeEr air compressor in production-oriented enterprises from all walks of life. So, GeLinKeEr compressor product performance? What characteristics are superior to other brand air compressor? The following users the detailed solutions for your reading!

1, smart environmental protection, easy to use:

the introduction of Germany advanced technology, green environmental protection; Intelligent microcomputer control system, light touch keys, menu operation intuitive, fast and convenient;

2, high efficiency, low energy consumption, more energy saving:

GeLinKeEr permanent magnet frequency screw air compressor USES permanent magnet efficient motor and permanent magnet and efficient host, has greatly improved efficiency; Big head, low speed, than the ordinary air compressor energy saving 30%, lower noise when running.

3, factory direct sale, good quality and low cost:

large factory production, strictly control the production process, products of good quality and long service life; Factory direct sale, save the dealer price difference, procurement costs more affordable.

4, considerate after-sales service, air compressor to run carefree!

GeLinKeEr air compressor with good after-sales service system, 5 minutes to accept the need for maintenance, quickly formulate emergency plan, to help customers solve problems; In addition, GeLinKeEr also to users pay a return visit regularly, inspection to the machine, make each users of GeLinKeEr air compressor machine operation easy.

5, good technology, low maintenance cost:

GeLinKeEr company provides regular spare parts replacement, host and motor overhaul and maintenance plan, tailored for the user years maintenance plan; Engineer technology, low maintenance cost.

that is for everybody finishing GeLinKeEr air compressor products performance and the characteristics of what time is better than that of other brands, hope to be able to help to choose air compressor have some confused friends offer a little thinking, buy a stable performance, energy saving save electricity, high ratio of air compressor.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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