GeLinKeEr air compressor to hangzhou in zhejiang province

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Teacher's day approaching, in this to all the teachers of the world, such a wish: & other; Wish all of you here to escape throughout the whole country &; , small make up has also been the teachers of the students, is now engaged in air compressor industry an engineer. A little boy, looking at willo gardener hard to pay, then small make up from the bottom of my heart, just want to be a people's teacher. Because university is mechanical, small make up can not enter the teachers team, but in the air compressor group, small make up believe can contribute an own strength, win honor for our air compressor industry.

small make up the GeLinKeEr is a decades-old enterprise, along with GeLinKeEr bao engineers, small make up learning to a lot of books on site without access to knowledge. In July last year, for example, small make up with BaoGong to a smart machinery factory in hangzhou, zhejiang province, the customer to the small make up brand consulting and GeLinKeEr air compressor, small make up, gave him some theoretical answer when asked about some problems related to operation, due to the actual operation experience is limited, small make up feel a little embarrassed, at this time, BaoGong active answered these questions to the customer.

in after completion of a series of consultation, understands the customer GeLinKeEr in gas, exhaust, energy saving, has a price advantage, the customer decided to purchase GeLinKeEr DRC - in the end A + 10 combination of stainless steel storage tanks. Small make up in the hangzhou on the way to learn a lot, thank BaoGong patience cultivation, as an air compressor, small make up hope in the coming days, learn more skills, services for clients with.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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