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by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Golden autumn in October, xiamen GeLinKeEr company two days one night of the devil training experience, this development activity made us realized the importance of teamwork, but also experience the breakthrough own psychological limit, realize the individual has unlimited potential, use action to prove ourselves, surpass ourselves!

1, be & other; Fall & throughout; The rules of the game is standing in 1. 5 m high platform to turn around and tilt down, and the following partners to cooperate with wai adult wall will firmly platform on the man. This activity let us realize we have to believe in the power of others and the team is great. Makes me think of in the usual work, I have to try to big and small issues, don't believe in each and every one of the team, lead to lack of activity of team, dispel the team each person's self-confidence. After this correct them in the work and life.

2, 8 meters high bridge, this activity is to climb to 8 meters high platform, platform in 25 centimeters, the width of the platform and the platform of span in 2 meters, requirements from platform across to the other side of the challenge on the side of success. This activity I feel don't force yourself, you certainly cannot succeed, want to be successful as much force yourself. As long as have the determination to want to be successful, no can't do, only believe!

there are many thrilling and exciting activities, all feel this life decades seems to be in this two days one night to repeat again. I believe that in the later work and life, I will continue to march forward, persist in the spirit, out of the wonderful and perfect life!

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