GeLinKeEr DRC - 60 a machine maintenance matters needing attention

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Permanent magnetic performance of the frequency converter is more powerful, this is our many users after use of a general conclusion, compared with the ordinary screw machine and piston air compressor, can save electricity more noise and lighter, and generally longer service life. Especially suitable for the gas floating larger manufacturers use. But in the actual use of permanent magnet in the process of frequency converter, and how many people noticed the permanent magnet frequency converter while performance is strong, but like other machines, is also a need for maintenance, if you don't maintain, so it's easy and similar high temperature problem happens.

in January 2017, is located in wuxi, jiangsu province environmental protection company bought a DRC - A machine 60, through the use of more than 1 year, the company concluded that the machine is in use process need to be aware of some maintenance operations:

( 1) Check if air compressor pipe leakage problems in the fixed time check the operation condition of the valves are in good condition;

( 2) Every time for maintenance and replacement, Zui is replaced original accessories, especially & other; A/an oil & throughout; ;

( 3) A mixture of different brand of oil does not allow for;

( 4) On a regular basis for sewage discharge, in the maintenance of high temperature components do, in the temperature of cooling down is needed to operate;

( 5) DRC operating temperature and pressure of the machine is certain, do not exceed the scope of use.

as a technology originated from Germany's domestic air compressor brand GeLinKeEr, DRC series machines and general than itself with low speed, energy saving effect is stronger, and frequency conversion to adapt to the wide scope to compare the three characteristics, I feel for the user to do environmental protection engineering, is more appropriate. Permanent magnet frequency conversion machine itself compared to other models, to be able to use a relatively long time, if can maintain when, then use a decade is not big problem.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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