GeLinKeEr dry oil-free air compressor performance quality assurance user interests

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
GeLinKeEr dry oil-free air compressor is more popular with the market, not only because of its quality problem, more is that it can meet most of the high demand of the enterprise. Next GeLinKeEr air compressor is to introduce the dry oil free compressor performance quality of how to ensure the interests of the users.

1, dry, oil-free air compressor is adopted international advanced host configuration choose imported from Germany GHH oil-free screw host the nose, has brought the first oil-free technology to ensure the reliability of the products is unparalleled!

GeLinKeEr air compressor shipment figure

2, SCR rotor surface coating design unique

SCR host rotor and the compression chamber wall painted with solid super coating UltraCoatTM solved because peeling coating, and poor adhesion change, resulting in lower efficiency of air compressor, air quality, reduce the problems, such as improving the reliability of the compressor, the level of rotor of the compressed air quality and longer life, greatly increase the trouble-free running time, and reduce the system energy consumption! ! ! !

3, three different temperature of own work area design

SCR oil-free machine in the intake, compression, exhaust is divided into three own work area design, to ensure the every stage of the compressor air temperature control to ensure the good dry oil-free machine in the process of operation is stable and reliable!

dry oil free compressor

4, all stainless steel high tube design

to prevent pressure flow to avoid the flow pulsation and vibration and less noise and high frequency noise, reduce the pressure loss, more energy saving!

5, the efficiency high intake valve design

dry oil-free air compressor machine adopts advanced hydraulic regulating mechanism to replace the pneumatic regulating mechanism, to avoid the regular replacement for pneumatic components, reduce the unnecessary downtime and maintenance costs, convenient maintenance, stable operation, reduces the maintenance cost of the customer! , more GeLinKeEr dry oil-free air compressor, details could consulting the GeLinKeEr customer service:, this article from the xiamen GeLinKeEr compressor technology co. , LTD. Reprint please indicate the source
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