GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor - The fall of 2018 an expanding activity experience!

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
On October 20 to 21, 2018, the company leaders and relevant departments of management, the personnel gathered in xiamen GeLinKeEr air compressor company headquarters, starting from the company on time, open the two day and a night of team development activities. This is my brother once such development activities, thought is simply playing games tourism; Played before he found that it is not so simple, but meaningful; Unforgettable activity in every project, including Zui deep impression to me is & other; High altitude middle-east & throughout; And & other Post throughout the book &; 。

“ High altitude middle-east & throughout; For me is a very challenging projects, ask each one of us on the broken bridge 8 meters from this side to the other side, although the two boards from more than one meter, but think on springboard, at an altitude of more than 8 meters and that kind of fear; When I am down the ladder to climb from the ground full of confidence to 8 meters of one side of the broken bridge, instant paused, feet are standing on a single board, totally did not dare to go forward, look down feel hanging in mid-air, and look at the opposite, only so little a iron plate, will jump empty feeling carelessly, and rapid heartbeat is accelerated, all legs began. Although know who help the safety rope, but the heart of that kind of fear, it is difficult to overcome, immediately into a state of life difficult, hear the sound of the below teammates of encouragement, can't hesitate again, take a deep breath of relief, throwing caution to the wind, leap, I succeeded! I insight, seemingly difficult hurdles after across the past looked back, actually not difficult, at present of difficulty is not terrible, terrible is that we don't have the courage to overcome difficulties.

“ Post throughout the book &; Although the game looks be like simple, actually is not simple; Purpose is to cultivate the tacit understanding and mutual trust relationship between our team, post the book actually is not a book, but meaning; In this activity, no matter how much we, all failed, from the beginning of a simple characters, reached after Zui completely changed appearance, when we think impassability, where is what problem? Zui under the trainer's explanation, after we found the problem, mainly we are trapped in a limit on the coach to give us a few conditions, only in the case of not to go against his conditions simple task, but we forget to expand their thinking to find a better approach to achieving the goal, always in vain.

this is a very meaningful activity, let every one of us have benefited a lot from, here would like to thank GeLinKeEr company give us such a good opportunity to exercise, let's challenge ourselves, surpass ourselves. I am very lucky to join such a good team, let our life and work is full of positive energy; As GeLinKeEr compressor slogan & other Throughout GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor, energy saving & endless; , we are faced with is the same life, in order to achieve a better self, we are going to study endless!

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