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by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
At the end of October this year, xiamen GeLinKeEr staff, under the guidance of instructors, in jiangsu liyang tianmu lake expanding base has launched a two-day trip to expand.

GeLinKeEr crew mood excited, smiling opened the prelude to expand, and participate in the challenge to the various projects, including: was cast and trust, the challenge to sixty seconds, the middle-east, post high pass book, jigsaw puzzle, and wall, etc.

with let small make up the number of post the book impressed with the wall of the life and death, under the below small make up and share personal feelings.

main operating post the book is that players are divided into two groups, each group member sit on the floor, and in turn cannot turn back, can't violate compasses, from the last player hand in front of the book to the correct answer to a member, until the captain, the captain to write down the final answer. This project has been carried out four times, as a result, both by the failure of the conclusion of reason has a lot of, for example: some members feel should not be so simple to add a bit to imagine, some members of the repeated strokes, some members of the rut. 。 。 。 。 。 Funny is that the final transfer of the right answer two times is 0, but even the most simple 0 transfer not succeed. This small make up the feeling, whether it is work or life, should be a little bit more simple good, don't think too much, a lot of things to make yourself, don't embellish, no department there. Everything has been serious completes the labor of shall prevail!

wall and graduation wall of death, so the name implies is that all members must through 4 meters high wall of life and death is the challenge successfully, it is difficult to complete by a person, all need to work together, start by four boys do foundation will be transported to the wall of the other two boys head, then the people began to look at all the girls one by one on wall of death, this period have to lift, push, hold, step and so on, in short all firewood high flame, until finally a boy hangs the security also reached the wall the other head, end of the challenge and challenge the success! Small make up to learn from this, no matter go on the road by hard, you will never be a person, as long as all unite, could not cut!

expand trip has ended, but the mind washing it will let us benefit for life!

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