GeLinKeEr frequency conversion air compressor - Its displacement, you know how much?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
GeLinKeEr frequency conversion air compressor is made up of many parts, and the displacement is one of the important part of it, the amount of gas displacement is at work, is mainly affected by the following points.

  ( 1) Leak: during normal operation of the rotor, rotor and shell gap exists, does not directly contact, leakage phenomenon. When the pressure increases, the gas will pass in the mesh clearance leakage to the suction pipe and tank, reduce the displacement. To large extent reduce the leakage of the gas, drive the tooth addendum is equipped with the seal of the rotor, driven rotor tooth root department is equipped with the seal groove, with ring and cords of seal teeth. But if seal line wear, the leak will increase, the displacement will decrease accordingly.

  ( 2) Condensation effect: when the gas is compressed, the temperature of the gas increases gradually, the temperature of the rotor and shell increases as well. In the process of suction, the gas will be the rotor and the casing heat expansion, reduce the inhalation. Frequency conversion air compressor rotor is sometimes used to condensate oil, shell, water condensation. The main reason is that can lower the temperature. If the cooling, the temperature will rise, displacement will be reduced.

  ( 3) Screw air compressor suction state: frequency conversion for positive displacement compressor, inspiratory capacity remains the same. When the suction temperature, or the suction resistance is too large, inspiratory pressure decreases, reduced gas density, displacement decrease accordingly.

  ( 4) Speed: frequency conversion air compressor of air displacement is proportional to the speed. Speed changes with the change of the power grid voltage and frequency. When the lower voltage ( For asynchronous motor) Or lower frequency, the speed will reduce the amount of air and reduced.

frequency conversion compressor in what circumstances should keep regular maintenance, to ensure that the use of air compressor, as well as stability of frequency conversion air compressor exhaust, do guarantee for normal operation, more GeLinKeEr details of the consultation service: frequency conversion air compressor, this article from the xiamen GeLinKeEr compressor technology co. , LTD. By crediting the original source:
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