GeLinKeEr heating heat recovery system applied in the workshop

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
GeLinKeEr heat recovery system is the core of GeLinKeEr compressor technology research and development of new products. The principle of the product is the use of air compressor cooling heat recycling.

air compressor in the operation, 70% of electrical energy is converted into heat through the exhaust system emissions into the environment, if the heat is not recycling, emissions into the atmosphere. GeLinKeEr heat recovery system is the use of air compressor discharge quantity of heat, in air compressor heat exchange with the front end, secondary exchange into hot water through the heat recovery system, industrial production, the heat or hot water for secondary exploitation in life.

in 2018, in Germany GeLinKeEr enterprise of zhejiang province department of times group workshop heating system, is to use GeLinKeEr energy-saving heat recovery system for the workshop heating application. The project belongs to equipment list: screw air compressor, heat recovery system, water pump, radiator, heater, pipe, etc. GeLinKeEr company in the early stage of the project scheme certification, construction demonstration, cost accounting, return argument, and so on customer credit and support! This project adopts GeLinKeEr DRD - 5 f heat recovery unit 2 sets, 10 sets of workshop heater air compressor (2), pipe number.

in October 2018, after a month or so of construction, the project finally through debugging and put into use, the workshop air conditioning fan outlet temperature keep above 30 degrees, the air compressor operating temperature 10 degrees or so, the entire project put into use, let the air compressor to reduce energy consumption by about 5%, at the same time to save the electricity generated in the heating, 200000 a year.

the whole project approval by owner to the height of the German headquarters. First phase of the project put into use, phase ii project of prophase planning, we sure GeLinKeEr heat recovery system can not in the best interest of all clients.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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