GeLinKeEr reading group held a reading contest

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Is unusual for a GeLinKeEr man festival, National Day GeLinKeEr reading group members held a 'reading, light life reading game, on October 5, sunny, GeLinKeEr came to GeLinKeEr reading room reading group all members early in the morning. Silently waiting for the reading game starts. For a blundering me, reading is an opportunity, can let me blundering heart calm down at this time, quietly to read a book carefully.

GeLinKeEr team is a love of learning, everyone to actively participate in, a lot of enthusiasm. GeLinKeEr reading contest sponsor GeLinKeEr President huang total announced the reading rules of the game, I looked around, everyone is absorbed into the ocean of books, roam in the world of books. Next to the reading-room very quiet, very quiet, even book club breathing can be heard. At the moment of I, heart is very calm. Can't help but sigh, reading, can let me blundering heart become very quiet at ordinary times.

immersed in the ocean of books, the time is always unconsciously slipping away. We read the book quickly. We answer according to GeLinKeEr group entry requirements. The last three clubs to stand out in the game, read the fastest, title is also a very accurate. Then give us share their reading experience. They take time to read almost every day. Reading can make our lives better. Reading can make our heart become quiet, reading to light life. Very happy to be able to take part in the reading game. Enjoy the pleasure of life in the reading. In reading, can make us get rid of the fickleness of life. Can we have our inner peace return to nature. Remove the worry, let our soul more pure.

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