GeLinKeEr screw air compressor machine maintenance procedure

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Normally we speak of screw air compressor is mainly refers to double screw air compressor. In the process of using this kind of air compressor, because of some inappropriate habits, will inevitably cause some problems. In fact, many problems that need our attention, because some seemingly trivial problems also lead screw air compressor stop even scrapped. Risk. At this time, need some reasonable operation, such as maintenance, to handle it.

we must contact with a lot of knowledge about screw air compressor maintenance, but believe that many friends the specific steps of screw air compressor maintenance is not very clear, just below the screw air compressor maintenance operation steps and share with you, hope to improve your reading this hands-on maintenance skills.

the first open the chassis screw air compressor, after opening, remove the need to replace the bearing damage parts, to ensure that the wear resistance of attachment, then install these attachments on the horizon;

if you want to check the screw air compressor oil road and related condensation system, screw air compressor base points for inspection area. It is important to note that the screw air compressor oil near the base of screw air compressor, in screw air compressor base will have corresponding panel to control the oil level.

GeLinKeEr warm prompt, energy-saving air compressor screw air compressor in check, before the official start of the need to close all related to the compressed air valve, and pay attention to avoid motor parts in the process of the whole maintenance is opened, it is in the process of screw air compressor maintenance worthy of attention. 。 After sharing the article, I hope it can help in your study and work.
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