GeLinKeEr xiamen compressor all staff to watch the bloody battle hacksaw ridge'

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Autumn in October, GeLinKeEr energy-saving compressor of all my colleagues in the company organization film workshop. Talking about the story of the workshop, GeLinKeEr in terms of cultural enterprise development, already has more than 10 years of history. From at the beginning of the company was founded in 2008, the company administration took the workshop at the core of enterprise development culture sector to develop. After ten years of development, now the GeLinKeEr enterprise has formed excellent, effective, combine traditional and modern management concepts in the integration of enterprise management specification.

on the afternoon of October 19, and companies of all my colleagues in high spirits to a large conference center, in deng presided by general, the event started. First of all to the interpretation of the theme of the workshop and the matters needing attention, when you focus sound coming from the Okinawa showgirls, I Could Have Killed question, A Calling, Pretty Corny, Climbing For A Kiss, and so on many funny songs, the film workshop officially kicked off.

as the plot swings, changing our heart is also accelerating. The reaction during the second world war, the United States in Okinawa, Japan a very evil and complete battle. Story reaction shangdeng bing world war ii military medical deiss mond & middot; Dawes real experience, because of his at the battle of Okinawa YongJiu 75 lives and was awarded the congressional medal of honor in the United States, is also the first to receive the honor of refusing to killing on the battlefield medic. Although the main story line are around deiss mond & middot; Dawes. But after watching this film, our real experience is not only a brave save at the risk of the deiss mond & middot; Dawes. But the one from the outset insisted he signaling, people of faith. To stick to your goals and dreams, no matter any difficulty, difficult danger occurs, even contribute their own life is not to change your goal, not to give up the dream.

in fact, the plot of the movie reflect no real war so cruel. After everybody looked, the feeling and experience is very deep, but also looked at how we treat their own work and life, in order to a little difficult to give up their commitment and dream. We agreed that we should, under the strong leadership of GeLinKeEr company we will put GeLinKeEr air compressor to a higher direction of energy saving.

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