General air compressor chance working long hours can appear what problem?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
General air compressor work after a certain period of time will appear the following five problems:

1, the gap bigger. Host the core components of Yin and Yang rotor spacing, would increase the leak amount in the process of compression, reduce the compression efficiency of equipment. In addition, the Yin and Yang rotor and end cover and to expand the main bearing clearance will affect the sealing and the compression efficiency of air compressor, at the same time, it will produce a great impact on the service life of the rotor of Yin and Yang.

2, wear and tear. Normally, machine would inevitably bring wear, under normal circumstances because of lubrication fluid lubrication, wear will reduce a lot, but long-term high speed will expand the degree of wear and tear, and other major parts of wear and damage.

3, deformation of parts. As the core of the air compressor compression parts, air compressor host internal components at high temperature and high pressure environment for a long time, coupled with a high speed, a long time will cause deformation. At the same time, dust, impurity gradually accumulated inside the machine, after running for a long time, can cause rotor deformation of Yin and Yang, clearance, serious possible host jammed.

4, damage of components. Air compressor host part of the vulnerable parts mainly include: all kinds of gaskets, seals, shaft oil seal, etc. , the shaft seal has long been at high temperature, high pressure and high speed environment, shorten its service life, once appear, the damage to compressor oil, if found, not in time, grade, Yin and Yang are likely to cause the rotor and bearings burned due to lack of lubrication.

5, the cost is increased. Air compressor is not a make-over for a long time, will make the equipment internal residual wear of the impurities in great quantities, cause:

a, shorten the service life of the lubricant;

b, shorten the service life of the oil filter, air filter;

c, increase the friction, reduce the compression efficiency, increase the cost of electricity.

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